Sunday, 22 May 2011

Empire Earth

Empire Earth is a strategy game of monumental proportion. Beginning with a timid band of hapless troglodytes, players must lead these people through 500,000 years of civilization and development. 14 historical epochs are the setting for research, construction, diplomacy, and warfare. Players must strengthen their nations by gaining territory, recruiting great leaders, forming (and breaking) alliances, and making use of new technologies. Empire Earth begins in an era before mankind's earliest memories and moves through history to a future which is still beyond our horizon, all in real-time.

Empire Earth was initially conceived and developed by Rick Goodman, who was a lead designer of the critically acclaimed and popularly successful Age of Empires. Expanding on ideas introduced in that title, Empire Earth blends real-time strategy and unit development with strong elements of deep, encompassing, empire building. The game's timeline stretches from the prehistoric discovery of fire to a futuristic 23rd century full of advanced technologies. The game is easily playable right out of the box using pre-generated nations and units, or the player may customize nearly all relevant faction information and statistics to suit personal tastes and style of play.

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